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He laid emeralds in her eyes, oh but I'd
already tied, a bracelet made of gold and scarlet
thread around her wrist, and everything was wrong so we
sang sentimental songs. Oh how seldom we belong but
how elegant our kiss, and we painted crooked lies but we
danced in perfect time to a love so much refined, we
know not what it is until like a dullen wine we pour
into a grief we know before but it's never quite like this.. never quite like this.
All I know now is regret, it follows like a silhouette
along the cobblestone behind me, but has nothing to
say except to innocently ask, a voice as delicate as
glass, "Do you see me when we pass?" but I continue on
my way.

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Iago [userpic]
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.

This has just essentially become the "SF Job" blog, because I'm not really ready to talk about it on Facebook yet. I fly out to SF the day before my birthday so that I can interview for the job on my birthday and fly back the next day. I'm told the interview is just a formality, and a chance for me to meet the team, and assuming that's correct, It's entirely possible I'll be living in the bay area by late June/early July, maybe even in time for SF pride, which is exciting.

I'm absolutely terrified, don't have nearly enough time or money to get there, but I've never been more sure of a decision in the entirety of my life. So there is that.

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